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Muyskerm! :iconskymidnight1899:skymidnight1899 3 1 BEST DAY EVER!!!!! :iconskymidnight1899:skymidnight1899 0 0 Pizza Cat!?! :iconskymidnight1899:skymidnight1899 0 0 Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!!!!! :iconskymidnight1899:skymidnight1899 1 0 Welcome to the Gang, Ethan and Tyler :iconskymidnight1899:skymidnight1899 1 0 Bad Time :iconskymidnight1899:skymidnight1899 1 1 Welcome to the cast, the bonercast :iconskymidnight1899:skymidnight1899 3 0 Heroes :iconskymidnight1899:skymidnight1899 0 1 Gaming icons, Septiceye sam, Tiny box Tim and N :iconskymidnight1899:skymidnight1899 0 0 Happy birthday Mom!! :iconskymidnight1899:skymidnight1899 1 0 Sonic and Tails, friends forever!! :iconskymidnight1899:skymidnight1899 3 3 Mark Edward Fischbach 'Markiplier' :iconskymidnight1899:skymidnight1899 0 0 N and Zero the Dark BrotherHood Time!!!! :iconskymidnight1899:skymidnight1899 4 0 Edward Elric , FullMetal Alchemist :iconskymidnight1899:skymidnight1899 4 9


Bean | JackSepticEye :iconpuppyrelp:Puppyrelp 43 2 Smol and S. Athena :iconmoonstar-64:Moonstar-64 29 14 .: LoY: The Ressurection Effect - page 7:. :iconaquagd:AquaGD 72 18 .: LoY: The Ressurection Effect - page 6:. :iconaquagd:AquaGD 70 20 Practice Sketches :icontale3211:Tale3211 30 4 Doodles || H2ODelirious ....and vanoss lol :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 996 46 Emerge :iconzombiebridexd:ZombieBrideXD 89 21 A Leach :iconzombiebridexd:ZombieBrideXD 253 62
Drunk!Edd x Fem!Reader
"You got drunk on GOD DAMN COLA?!"
He just gave me a stupid grin.
"Ugh! Edward,you moron! How the hell can someone get drunk on c-"
I sniffed the cola.
Oh fucking hell with Tom and HIS drunk Smirnoff mix-ins.
"Edd,you go take a nap."
"Nooo! I wanna cuddle with my *Hic* with my girl!"
I blushed but facepalmed.
"Fine. Cuddles,and then you go to sleep."
:iconiceysaur:IceySaur 26 90
Tord x Suicidal!Reader [OneShot]
That's it. You were done with this bullshit life and these fucking stupid people. You were a tattered soul, one that didn't need to live on this jacked planet any longer. Your life was everywhere and your story was splattered with self hate and issues you were too weak to fix. Your body covered in fresh cuts and worn scars. Where? Doesn't matter. The fact that they are there is enough. You were ready, it was almost a relief to think it will all be over in a split second, just one jump and that's it. You had acted happy for far too long and took too many battles that mentally and physically broke you. That's it.
You quietly strolled down the rainy street, your hood up, casting a gloomy shadow over your dull (e/c) eyes. Your cuts stinging just a tad, but you had other things on your mind. Honestly your heart was beating way too fast for your liking, didn't matter. It would all stop soon.
You could even imagine the cold rush of your body falling down into the deep blue waves of the sea. M
:iconpaintmysmileon:PaintMySmileOn 25 6
Eddsworld Edd x Reader [OneShot]
"Damn, how could I lose?!" (Y/n) exclaimed loudly chucking an empty cola can on the floor with a loud sigh.
"(Y/n), of course you were gonna lose a cola drinking contest when you're going against Edd" Tom laughed and got up from the couch, walking past the large pile of cola cans and into the kitchen to get another drink.
Currently you were expressing your sadness by laying on the floor, your (h/l) (h/c) hair sprawled everywhere while looking up at a proud Edd.
He smiled triumphly, "Haha I won, I won, all I had to do was drink 36 sodas!"
"You're insane" You said flatly, flashing him a small smile.
"Guys I got more cola!" Matt yelled while walking in, then he stopped, looking at the two of you. "Aw man, did I miss who won?"
"You knew who was gonna win" You replied then hoisting yourself up gesturing for another soda.
Edd shot a quick glance at you then the soda "What, you want another soda?!" he questioned loudly.
"Of course" You smirked while Matt cautiously pulled one f
:iconpaintmysmileon:PaintMySmileOn 17 5
Eddsworld Tom x Reader [OneShot]
It was a quiet summer night, you crashed at the boys house after watching a bunch of shitty horror movies with everyone, but you had just woke up to a faint sound. You were a bit of a light sleeper after watching so much horror, you could never be too sure.
Sitting up on the couch, you rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and slid off the cozy blanket. You proceeded to rest your feet on the cold floor and hoist yourself up. You heard the noise again.
"What could that be?" You thought walking down the hall, only to hear it slightly louder, it was coming from Toms room.
Creaking open the door, you peeked in "Tom?" you asked, you then slipped in the room and shut the door.
Tom's head shot up, despite having black holes for eyes he looked very surprised, "(Y/n)? What are you doing up?"
You laughed quietly, "I heard your bass"
"Oh, sorry" Tom looked a little ashamed
"Don't worry about it" You smiled, walking over to him and sitting on his bed "So, why are you awake?"
"I-I couldn't sleep,
:iconpaintmysmileon:PaintMySmileOn 29 2
.: LoY: Miuco the Cat-Owl :. :iconaquagd:AquaGD 95 17 Doodle || Jack's Night In The Woods :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 2,132 64 Anti Septiceye Sam :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 1,267 73 The Youtube SQUAD and their Girlfriends :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 3,577 310



I have bin working on a story, well one i can put on DA with out having people steal it or if some one does they wont know what is happening Wink/Razz.

P.S. I got a new laptop and I'm learning how to use the Emoticons, so I'm really happy!!!!:happybounce: 
That's all for now, CHAO!!! Hi! 
I feel content now

P.S. Bob is my favorite character to draw, I don't know why it just is!
That's all for now, CHAO!!!!! ~ K.T.
Tyler liked my tweet, whatttt is going on, overall I'm just happy that people kind of like my art and I thank you guys soooooo much for that

P.S. sorry that I have posted a lot of art today I just made it through this past week and I forgot to upload it, that's all for now, CHAO!!!! ~ K.T.
Pizza Cat!?!
My dad came up with the title, I just wanted to do something cute and it worked YAY!!! ~ K.T.
Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!!!!!
Merry Christmas from K.T. and Sky, we hope that you have a great Christmas, and we're hoping that 2017 holds something special for everyone, that's all for now, CHAO!!!!! ~ K.T.
I have bin working on a story, well one i can put on DA with out having people steal it or if some one does they wont know what is happening Wink/Razz.

P.S. I got a new laptop and I'm learning how to use the Emoticons, so I'm really happy!!!!:happybounce: 
That's all for now, CHAO!!! Hi! 


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